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About Mold Theme

Mold Theme is Html Template, build for personal use and base theme structure to start with.

Bootstrap 3 Theme
Mold is built above bootstrap 3, which means features of bootstrap can be used in addition with mold feature.
Love Simplicity
At Mold, we belive in Simplicity, So we design Simple, Code Clean and make it work simple.
Reusable Component
We belive in DRY(Dont Repeat Yourself) Principle. So Mold Component can be used reorganized for multiple projects.
Custom Icon Fonts
We have our own set of font icon, you will get 263 icon font along with its original svg files.
Built with less
Mold is built with Less Css preprocessor, so managing css would be handy and easier than before.
Color Scheme
Mold is built with Color Scheme Switcher Tool. You needed need to think of color balance, just need to decide one "Base Color"
Responsive Design
And everything you will get is responsive. No matter size of desktop screen, mobile or tablet. Mold is resposive.
Fast To Launch
Its designed to built website fast and robust. Its easier to make site with mold than start from scratch
Support and Help
You get full documentation of the theme structure or get support at